Value Investor Awards 2024

The winners of the awards were announce at the LVIC on 15th May



The London Value Investor Conference accepted nominations for the 2024 awards in three categories:

  • Fund Manager Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Best CEO Capital Allocator (UK Companies)
  • Best CEO Capital Allocator (Global Companies)

The shortlisted nominees for the Fund Manager Lifetime Achievement Award were below:

  • Alex Roepers – Atlantic Investment Management
  • David Samra – Artisan Partners
  • Gifford Combs – Dalton Investments & Rising Sun Management
  • Nick Train – Lindsell  Train
  • Philip Best & Marc Saint-John Webb – Quaero Capital
  • Thomas A Russo – Gardner Russo & Quinn LLC

The winner of the Fund Manager Lifetime Achievement Award 2024 is David Samra


Charles Brandes – 2015
Jean-Marie Eveillard – 2016
Anthony Bolton – 2017
Joel Greenblatt – 2018
Seth Klarman – 2019
Hassan Elmasry – 2022
David Iben – 2023
David Samra – 2024


Richard Cousins – 2016
Sir Tim Martin – 2017
Simon Wolfson – 2018
Henry Engelhardt & David Stevens – 2019
Mike Norris  2022
Mike Ashley  2023
Matthew Ingle – 2024


Prem Watsa – 2016
Warren Buffett – 2017
Michael O’Leary – 2018
Bruce Flatt – 2019
Mark Leonard  2022
Thomas S. Gayner – 2024
Satya Nadella  2024


Shareholders invest in businesses with the expectation of receiving returns on their investment. However, on average, 70% of shareholder funds are retained in businesses and not distributed to shareholders. Therefore, the effective deployment of retained capital is critical in delivering strong investor returns. In recognition of this, the London Value Investor Conference has introduced two annual awards for public company CEOs who exhibit exceptional capital allocation skills over multiple years:

The LVIC Award for Best Capital Allocator – UK listed companies
The LVIC Award for Best Capital Allocator – Global listed companies

The criteria used for evaluating good capital allocation practices will include:

  • Returning capital to shareholders through dividends or share buybacks when it offers the best return on capital
  • Implementing strict cost controls to save shareholders money
  • Focusing on return on investment when investing in growth capital expenditures
  • Discontinuing or divesting poor-performing, non-core, or loss-making businesses
  • Acquiring businesses or large assets at prices that generate superior long-term shareholder returns


The LVIC Award for Best Capital Allocator – UK listed companies
Richard Cousins – Compass Group (Winner 2016)
Tim Martin – J D Wetherspoon (Winner 2017)
Simon Wolfson – Next (Winner 2018)
Henry Engelhardt & David Stephens – Admiral Group (Winner 2019)
Mike Norris  Computacenter (Winner 2022)
Mike Ashley  Frasers Group (Winner 2023)
Matthew Ingle  Howden Joinery Group (Winner 2024)

The LVIC Award for Best Capital Allocator – Global listed companies
Prem Watsa – Fairfax Financial (Winner 2016)
Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway (Winner 2017)
Michael O’Leary – Ryanair (Winner 2018)
Bruce Flatt – Brookfield Asset Management (Winner 2019)
Mark Leonard  Constellation Software (Winner 2022)
Thomas S. Gayner  Markel Group (Winner 2023)
Satya Nadella  Microsoft (Winner 2024)

The LVIC Fund Manager Award for Lifetime Achievement
Charles Brandes (Winner 2015)
Jean-Marie Eveillard (Winner 2016)
Anthony Bolton (Winner 2017)
Joel Greenblatt (Winner 2018)
Seth Klarman (Winner 2019)
Hassan Elmasry (Winner 2022)
Dave Iben (Winner 2023)
David Samra (Winner 2024)