Outstanding Investors Online: Female Manager Summit

September 24th at 4pm London time (11am EST)

We are very sorry we cannot bring you the Outstanding Investors Online: Female Manager Summit today, which will be delayed. All attendees were email this morning about the cancellation – we want to extend our sincere apologies for the late notice and we will email you soon to let you know when this session will be rescheduled.

This is because of a problem with our equipment leading to video and audio problems and we are unable to adequately resolve the problems to create a reliable recording by 4pm today / 11am EST.

We are keen to note how wonderful the teams at the participant managers have been during setup and that this is not their fault – but entirely a problem with the event setup chosen by us as organizers. Once we can resolve these technical issues this will be a fantastic online summit with high quality content from these fantastic Female Fund Managers.

If you had already signed-up for the event today we will inform you of the new date when we have resolved these issues. If you had not signed up but would like to be informed when the event is rescheduled please visit the registration page.