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Value Invest New York – December 3rd 2019

The 2nd edition of Value Invest New York took place at The Times Center on December 3 2019. It featured renowned Value Investors from the United States as well as being a showcase for other Value Funds to talk about investment ideas from around the world. The speakers provided valuable insights into the methods and approaches that have made them successful, commented on the investment climate and offered specific investment ideas.


Tuesday, December 3rd 2019
7.30-8.30 Registration and Breakfast
8.30-8.40 David Shapiro – Opening Remarks
8.40-9.10 Thomas A. Russo, Gardner Russo & Gardner
“Global Value” Equity Investing
9.10-9.40 Gary Channon, Phoenix Asset Management Partners
Investing in a Post Brexit Britain
9.40-10.10 Alex Roepers, Atlantic Investment Management
Putting Things in Perspective: Uncommon Values in Public Equities
10.10-10.40 Mark Pearson, Arcus Investment
Unprecedented Opportunity: Lessons of 30 Years of Value Investing in Japan
10.40-11.10 Coffee and networking break
11.10-11.40 Jennifer Wallace, Summit Street Capital Management
It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble
11.40-12.00 Bernard R. Horn Jr, Polaris Capital
Methanex Corporation:  A Global Value Opportunity
12.00-12.30 Django Davidson, Hosking Partners
The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?
Investment Opportunities Late in the Technology Cycle
12.30-1.10 Michael Mauboussin, BlueMountain Capital
“Thoughtful Value Investing in a Complex World”
Fireside Chat and Audience Q&A with Robert Hagstrom
1.10-2.10 Lunch
2.10-2.30 Anthony Campagna, ISS EVA
Value Doesn’t Matter…
2.30-2.50 Rory Kutisker-Jacobson – Orbis Allan Gray
Investing Where Others Fear to Tread
2.50-3.20 C.T. Fitzpatrick, Vulcan Value Partners
Does Valuation Matter Anymore?
3.20-3.50 Keith Ashworth-Lord, Sanford DeLand Asset Management
“Putting Buffettology into Practice” – A Stock Idea and a Discussion
of the
 Principles of Buffettology with Mary Buffett
3.50-4.20 Coffee and networking break
4.20-4.50 David Samra, Artisan Partners
So What is Wrong With European Banks?
4.50-5.20 Richard L. Chilton Jr., Chilton Investment Company
Durable Cash Generation
5.20-6.00 Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management
“The Evolution of Value Investing”
Fireside Chat and Audience Q&A with Richard Pzena
6.00-7.00 Drinks reception


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  • “It’s very much the Rolls-Royce of the investor conference market”
    Paul Scott, Stockopedia
  • “The people in that room were a more powerful cadre of the powerhouse of investment than has been gathered for a very long time”
    Jonathan Ruffer, Ruffer LLP
  • “It’s kind of like Glastonbury isn’t it, for the Value Investing community”
    Nick Train, Lindsell Train
  • “What I like about it is that it is a practitioners conference and it’s an opportunity to come and hear from your peers about the work that they are doing and how they see value investing”
    Hassan Elmasry, Independent Franchise Partners
  • “I think people really look forward to it and enjoy it. There’s a good bunch of people here who have travelled a reasonable way – the speaker after me was from Hong Kong and there’s a big Canadian crew and a big US crew – people come from around the world to see this”
    Nate Dalton, Affiliated Managers Group
  • “If somebody’s already been through that process of seeing what the conference is about and then is willing to pay their money for the effort of coming here, that’s a great filtering process.”
    Gary Channon, Phoenix Asset Management
  • “The conference has become a part of the furniture of the London scene. You can discover that is what lies inside you – that you are innately a value investor.”
    Richard Oldfield, Oldfield Partners
  • “I do speak at a fair number of conferences to investor bases, this one is really quite a good list – some very, very good investors present and some very interesting speakers”
    Jon Moulton, Better Capital
  • “Definitely worth it and I know a number of people who have ‘ummed and arred’ about coming along and I’m sure that they will be regretting that they didn’t come today – and it’s only going to get better as far as I can see”
    Tim Green, Private Investor
  • “Having sat through the whole day as I wanted to come and hear all of the speakers – I’ve been really impressed by the quality”
    Anthony Bolton, Fidelity
  • “I’ve got a bunch of business cards to add to my collection and some folks I’ve been looking forward to meeting, plus some firms I didn’t even know existed but sound really interesting and I’m looking forward to building on that relationship base”
    Mason Morfit, ValueAct Capital
  • “You couldn’t find that anywhere else really, where you’re speaking to the principals who have been voted on to the Board [of Microsoft] to effect change”
    David Shapiro, Willis Towers Watson
  • “What I was impressed with is, because the subject is very similar, value investing, they found a variety of ways of attacking the same subject. I was also very impressed, having done this in another location, of seeing them stay on target time-wise so that it moves along at a great pace and I think the audience is greatly rewarded by that discipline”
    Don Yacktman, Yacktman Asset Management
  • “Very well organised and it was a treat for investors like us to hear some great speakers”
    Roli Saxena, Drona Capital
  • “I came last year and I liked it so much that I have been looking forward to today ever since”
    Dominique Levy, Sonian Capital
  • “We’e got a very sophisticated audience who are used to value investing – I think this is a good audience”
    David Samra, Artisan Partners
  • “The profile of the speakers is one of the main reasons that I came”
    Niels Borgen, Private Investor
  • “When you look at the ideas speakers have put forward in previous years and how they have performed over the last few years, they’ve done very well – if that performance continues it would be quite remarkable. It does show that you can pick up some good ideas at a conference of this sort”
    Jonathan Mills, Metropolis Capital
  • “I came last year as well and I thought that it was the most outstanding event that I have been to”
    Leon Boros, Equity Strategies