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Value Invest New York – December 4 2018

The inaugural edition of Value Invest New York will take place at the Metropolitan Club on December 4 2018. It will feature renowned Value Investors from the United States as well as being a showcase for other Value Funds to talk about investment ideas from around the world. The speakers will provide valuable insights into the methods and approaches that have made them successful, comment on the investment climate and offer specific investment ideas.

An overview video of the performance of the investment ideas presented at our other conference in London is below. The conference in New York will have a similar number of investment ideas presented at it each year. We hope that you will be able to join us in December.




Value Investing

Value Investing was developed in the early Twentieth Century by Benjamin Graham and has been popularised in recent decades by the success of many investors who follow the approach, most notably Warren Buffett. Numerous academic studies have shown that a disciplined value-based approach to investing in securities outperforms the market over the long term. It is under-pinned by research into behavioural investing which demonstrates both why it is so psychologically difficult to do (because it involves taking positions that are contrary to the received wisdom of the crowd) and why it is so financially rewarding when done well.


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