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ValueWire will be launched in 2019 and will provide a service to fund managers looking to connect with investors. Both previous and prospective conference and roundtable participants will be able to send email updates in a similar manner to press releases, directly to professional investors via this subscriber-only service. Subscription to ValueWire is free and subscribers will include Investment Consultants, Endowments, Family Offices, Pension Funds, Advisors, Qualified HNWI and LGPS members.

All releases distributed through ValueWire will be content driven with the aim of providing information to investors in funds. ValueWire releases will give insights into the methods and approaches of the fund managers who have spoken at the conference, comment on the current investment climate or offer specific investment ideas as examples of the managers’ approach to investing.

If you are a fund manager and would like more information about sending ValueWire releases then please email us at

If you would like to subscribe to receive ValueWire Fund Research please email us at from a corporate email address of an FCA registered firm stating your role.

If you would like to subscribe with a service provider email address (Google, Hotmail etc) we are unable to subscribe you to ValueWire Fund Research unless you are a Per Se Professional Client according to FCA rules.

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